About Isle Royale

Welcome to our hiking and backpacking guide for Isle Royale National Park! We’ll give you an overview of how to plan your trip, the 170 miles of trails, camp sites, how to get there, and other important information. Isle Royale, about 45 miles long and 9 miles wide, is a remote island in the northwest portion of Lake Superior. There are over 450 smaller islands surrounding Isle Royale. The island offers many opportunities for recreational activities including hiking, backpacking, camping, scuba diving, fishing, kayaking and more.

Planning a trip to Isle Royale can be difficult, because you have to bring certain things for any trip to the wilderness, the same as any other trip, though there is very little available on the island once you’re there.  The island is remote, reachable only via seaplane, boat, or ferries. If you are injured on the island in the backcountry, rescue could be hours away via helicopter. Though the planning is a little more difficult than usual, we’ll help you do some research here and you’ll find it’s not so bad. This makes the journey and a successful trip to the island all that more rewarding.

Though one of the smallest and least visited national parks in the system, Isle Royale has more repeat visitors than any other park! Once people visit Isle Royale, they fall in love and there are many people who have visited yearly for decades. The island is has a rich history, of ancient native peoples, copper mining, as a resort destination and more. The island is also a designated Biosphere Reserve – featuring a long running predator/prey study on the island’s unique ecosystem where wolf and moose compete with limited human influence. Though there have been as many as 50 or more wolves on the island within thin past ten years, there are now only two wolves remaining on the island. There is currently an ongoing debate on whether or not humans should intervene and introduce more wolves to the island, reinvigorating the population.