One thing you should always have when you’re hiking in the backcountry is a map. Feel free to print these and take them with you on Isle Royale.

New 2016 Isle Royale Map

This is the new Isle Royale National Park map, updated in 2016. It’s a little cleaner, but a little bit harder to read, and the hiking trails don’t stand out as much. Click the image to view the full size JPG file.

New 2016 Isle Royale Map

Official Isle Royale National Park Brochure Map

This is the official map from the Isle Royale National Park brochure, same as you’ll find at the visitor center. This map features the locations of all trails, docks, inland lakes, and camp sites. We recommend printing this map and taking it with you for your time on Isle Royale. Click to image to view the full size JPG.